Ross, or House_Owner, which is his online alias is a Youtuber that tends to play Minecraft. His skin on Minecraft is a narwhal, but he'll occasionally change it a little, such as putting a mask on or a suit. He is one of Sky's friends, and records with him frequently. He has a pet chicken in Minecraft named ThunderMuffin, whom tends to be troublesome at times. He has stated that his favorite things are chickens and such. He had a chicken before ThunderMuffin, ThunderCluck, but ThunderCluck was killed when Sky punched him to death in Minecraft Teacher. Whenever they do things together, he gets a special intro from Sky. It was proven in the mod review on sky's channel named "mine little pony" that he is infact a brony. He has his own channel on youtube, and he plays games from GTA to Minecraft Minigames. He has played smaller games such as Yandere Simulator, or Huniepop. He records with people, such as Jin, Barney and Shelby. His favorite catchphrase is Rossome. He recently went through re-branding and now records Couch Potatos on his first channel, House_Owner. House owner also record with aphmau, jinbop, thatguybarney, and skydoesminecraft.


He has since created a new channel called Your Pal Ross ( He begins uploading videos on his channel on June 6th, 2016. His new skin is his normal skin but without a narwhal horn but with ears, a tail, and a bow tie. He refers to himself as a squirrel.

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