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Slamacow or Steven is a minor Sky Army recruit. He is known for 3D Minecraft animations. On August 17, 2013, Steven uploaded a "Thank You!" video because of 1.000.000 subscribers he recieved. In his video "Mining Zombies", Dave commanded other zombies to mine and find what he was looking for (though he didn't say). While doing that, the zombies gave Dave samples of what he wanted, a Butter sword for example. Also, Sky made a cameo with a Butter sword in his hand, but ran away due to his fear of the Squid in Dave The Zombie's hand. Slamacow, along with Captainsparklez and Bootstrapbuckaroo, made a 3D minecraft series called "DigBuildLive".

Slamacow is one of the players in Sky's video "The Herobrine". Slamacow worked with Sky and MusicPro to make a music video. He also did a Hunger games with Sky.

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