Skyhub was Sky's home in the original Sky Does Minecraft series.


Skyhub 1.0

  • Skyhub 1.0. from the inside.
  • Skyhub 1.0. from the outside.

The first Skyhub was what he referred to as a "hidey-hole," carved into the side of a mountain. When asked for a name, one fan responded "Skyhub."

Skyhub 2.0

After he lost the original Sky Does Minecraft world and created Sky Does Minecraft 2, he decided to name his new home "Skyhub 2.0." Skyhub 2.0 was a two-story house made of wooden planks.

Skyhub 3.0

Because of Minecraft's Adventure Update, he left Sky Does Minecraft 2 and went to Sky Does Minecraft 3, where he lived in Skyhub 3.0. Skyhub 3.0 started with a tall tower of wooden planks lined with a ladder, where he would enter Skyhub 3.0. In addition to it being the first Skyhub to be literally in the sky, he also said it was the one that looked most like a "hub." He acknowledged the fact that Skyhub 3.0 was built with the collaborative efforts of Sky himself and AntVenom.


SkyHub 3.0.