SkyDoesMinecraft (Adam)
The Butter King
Vital statistics
Position Sky Army Leader, CEO of Sky Media
Age 23-69
Status Alive
Physical attributes

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Sky (real name Adam) is the the owner of the channel SkyDoesMinecraft. He has over 11,000,000 subscribers and has more than 3,000,000,000 views. He is the 2nd most subscribed Minecraft channel and the fifth most subscribed gaming channel overall


Sky has a love for gold, which he calls butter, Sky was not the first to call gold butter, Another youtuber named seananners called gold butter before him.

Adam is well known for his craziness, which is the main reason people like him.

Adam currently lives in Washington State, United States. He is the CEO of Sky Media.

Ever since FOREVER, Sky has had a hatred of squids (more than any other animal), which escalated into full-scale war starting from the Anti Squids Mod Showcase. 


  • According to a Would you Rather video, Sky rarely has dreams
  • Sky is the creator of the Butter Golem.
  • He's the founder of the Sky Army.
  • Sky has had two girlfriends that he's spoken publicly about, Dawn and Alesa. He is currently single.
  • To be an elite member of the Sky Army, You must subscribe to his minecraft channel "Sky Does Minecraft".
  • His most popular video is his Minecraft parody of Coldplay's Paradise "New World".
  • Sky is the 2nd most subscribed Minecraft channel.
  • He sung his parody of Coldplay's Paradise "New World" at MineCon.

Sky and Butter

  • Sky has a child named Mason
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