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Mithzan is a friend of SkyDoesMinecraft and House Owner. He was an editor for Sky Media, as well as a member of the Sky Army. He began uploading videos on May 29, 2016. Max is known for his humor, as well as his rage.

He stopped working for Sky Media in May 2016 with House Owner. He and Ross decided to invest more time in their personal channels (Sky posted a video later which implied that Mithzan disliked the hard work and long hours at Sky Media). Ross's channel name changed to YourPalRoss.

Max's temper was a running joke, especially during his tenure at Sky Media. The most popular way to provoke his ire was with a nickname that referenced it: "Mad Max". Since leaving Sky Media,

When he plays Smashbros, he mains as Rosalina. Adam once made a video where he and the office tried to make Max mad by comparing Rosalina to Elsa.

Max is a talented editor. He originally worked as an editor at Sky Media, and on his current channel he edits his videos heavily with subtitles, helpful annotations, graphics, and more.

Max is frequently shipped with Ross (Mithross), however, he does have a girlfriend named Krista (Cheese) who is in many of his videos.

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