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Jinthedemon was a YouTuber, more specifically Sky's original Youtube gaming account.

His in-runescape name was Skythekid, which is why the Sky's current Minecraft Username is SkythekidRS. His content was mostly basic play throughs, questing, and levelling his character. But sometimes he participated in various contests, one of his entries to a contest was Sky Vs Bear.

He was popular on YouTube before he left Runescape to play Minecraft. Some of his friends that followed him were AntVenom and SetoSorcerer, who still follow him as Sky. Jinthedemon started in September 2008. He posted mainly Runescape videos. Yet, after three successful years, deleted his account in 2011 because his Minecraft videos were more popular than he expected.

He rose again sometime after 2011 as SkyDoesMinecraft, a joke account that he intended to delete later that year, not expecting to become the internet icon he is today. He decided then, that he would stay Sky and he became one of the most popular Minecraft YouTubers ever.

His Runescape character used to wear Agility armor, an Agility Skillcape, a Dragonstone amulet, and double eyepatches. His hairstyle was long curtains. This was changed when his Runescape membership ran out.

He has recently started to play Runescape lately on his Gaming Channel. Sky has also reported to have his runescape hacked on twitter.

Runescape - Sky vs Bear

Runescape - Sky vs Bear

I just killed nex

I just killed nex

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