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His logo (made by GoldSolace)!


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Exploding TNT in real life!

is a Minecraft Machinima creator, famous for frequently trolling others, along with his frequent use of Herobrine and calling the one being trolled a noob.

What he has to do with Sky

In one video, he decided to troll Sky, using a sign and butter block labeled "come to me" that actually caused Squids to spawn endlessly with the use of pressure plates/tripwire, driving Sky insane, forcing him to ragequit. In his 5 ways to amuse yourself video, he made Sky date a squid with a block of TNT falling on Sky's head and the squid calling Sky a noob. Sky is also a cameo in some videos.

Sky appears in these videos

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Sky Appears as a Cameo in These Vidoes

  • If Creepers Went to School - Minecraft
  • The Nova - Minecraft Server (1.7.2)
  • If Squids Could Make Sounds - Minecraft
  • If Minecraft was NOT for Kids
  • 5 Ways to Amuse Yourself - Minecraft


  • His logo was made by GoldSolace.
  • He has around 6 milion subscribers.
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