"Your house needs more salted budder!"


Budder in Minecraft
Vital statistics
Position Evil mineral found underground
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Twitter None
Instagram None None None
Physical attributes

Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Butter or Budder is what Sky and his army call the valuable mineral, gold, in Minecraft.

A Butter Ingot.

Minecraft MORE BUTTER!

Minecraft MORE BUTTER!


Sky, leader of the Sky Army, has a fascination with budder. Because of this, he gained the title "Budder King", and all of his weapons are made of the mineral. But it is one of the worst minerals in Minecraft.

Budder looks a lot like gold, making some people believe that they are the same thing. However, budder is an evil version of gold, with marijuana in it and it is infected with the dark side of the force. Although its official name is butter, it is mainly called budder to distinguish it from kitchen butter.


  • Combining nine Budder Ingots will create a Budder Core. It can be used to power the dark side.
  • Budder Nuggets are used as money throughout Sky's army, Elmo's team, and Hypothesia.
  • Butter, as most fans call it and spell it, is actually a food made from milk and cream. Sky's budder is gold infected with the dark side, and has a concentrated form of THC, which goes in marijuana. To clarify, it's BUDDER.
  • Sky made a game dedicated to budder. It's called Budeer Slap, it's basically a game that is like Grand Theft Auto. You can play it on
  • Budder is evil, as already mentioned above.

Budder Guns

Budder Guns are the main weapon of all Sky Army members, notably SkyDoesMinecraft himself.
Budder Sword

The Butter Sword in real life.

There are a ton of flaws with the budder sword.

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