Bodil40 (Also known as Martin Petrov) is a Bulgarian YouTuber. He is a parkour map maker that SkyDoesMinecraft , Deadlox , MinecraftUniverse , and other friends play with often. He is often associated with his high pitched laugh. He even made his 100k special as a laugh montage. Before being noticed by Sky and friends, his subscriber totaled to over 100k. Now, being more famous around the Youtube and Minecraft communities, he has around 600k subscribers

Bodil announced in one of his live stream videos that he was actually 18 years old (which was announced around

July). Bodil40 became a friend of Team Crafted after three of it's members, Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse, and Sky

frequently played his parkour maps whenever they came out. After that, Bodil appeared on many different mini-games

on all of the Team Crafted channels such as Sphere PVP, his parkour maps, and Cops & Robbers. Other than playing

with Team Crafted members, Bodil40 usually plays Minecraft with Mr360Games(Double/Triple), ClashJTM,

Baki961, Simonhds90, GhostGaming, and Bashur.


  • "Bodil" means "cactus", "thorn" or "spike" in Bulgarian. It's unknown why he used this, as he has quite nothing to do with it.
  • Most people say Bodil40 and CaptainSparklez met each other on Omegle. This is incorrect because they actually both played Water Battle with Sky and Jerome which was posted a few months before the omegle video.
  • Some of his friends call him "Boatdil 4 tree" and "boddil"

Ongoing Series

UMapBro (Parkour series with Ghosteez, Baki, GoldSolace , SimonHDs90, Clash, Triple)

Cops & Robbers (Team Crafted & Friends)

Hide & Seek (Team Crafted & Friends)

Hexxit (with Mr360Games, ClashJTM and Ghosteez)

Epic Jump Maps (Made by himself, played with SkyDoesMinecraft , MinecraftUniverse and Deadlox )

Sphere Survival (Team Crafted & Friends)

Other Mini-Games with Team Crafted include: King of the Ladder, The Bridges and Maze Survival.


Bodil loves to go around trolling his friends. In Minecraft terms this means that you mess around with them and play tricks on them. He even made a whole parkour map about it which he played along with Sky (Skydoesminecraft),Ty (Deadlox), and Jason (Minecraftuniverse).He will make whole videos on how he has trolled his friends normally before they start a map. Mr360Games is a target for trolling and Bodil normally trolls him before every map that they do.

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