Blue Warrior
Deathbot 6000 is his credit card ID
Vital statistics
Position Squid Army Robot
Age Unknown
Status One Destroyed, Others Active
Twitter None
Instagram None None None
Physical attributes

Height 8-9 blocks
Weight Unknown

The Blue Warrior (unofficial name) is a series of battle robots constructed by Squids to destroy Sky, first appearing in the Primitive Mobs Mod Showcase. It's evolution might be the Squidinator 6001.


  • A giant exoskeleton.
  • Cockpit for Squids.
  • Melon Launchers.
  • A microphone, which gives Squids booming voices.


  • Powered by Butter Cores, which don't work very well with Squid technology.
  • A self-destruct switch.
  • Not intimidating enough.


  • It's said that it survived Sky blowing it up, and will return. And true to this page, a newer version was featured in the Mutant Skeleton Mod Showcase, except it was redesigned and had headlights.
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