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Mitch in real life!

BajanCanadian (real name Mitchell Donnell-Ralph Hughes) ,also known as Benja and Bajan is a Barbados-born video-game comentator that is posting mostly minecraft videos on his YouTube channel, TheBajanCanadian. He is the most recent (the 12th) Team Crafted member along with his friend JeromeASF. He has over 2,000,000 subscribers and about 4 million views. He also calls his subscribers Doods.


Mitch (Benja) the BajanCanadian

Benja, the BajanCanadian

Mitch was born in Canada and later moved to America to his mother. After he moved back to Canada, He, Jerome and NoochM started a channel called AwesomeSauceFilms, which was mainly known for it's Call of Duty content. After he and Jerome started their own channels, they left AwesomeSauceFilms which is currently Hibernating, dawning the phrase #ReviveASF.


Another picture of the skin

#ReviveASF is a comment trending on Mitch's videos, especially ones on AwesomeSauceFilms and Mitch always tries very hard to avoid the topic, further angering the crowd that posts the comments.

Team Crafted history

Mitch and Jerome grew their channels together until Pax East in 2012 where they met Sky and Ty. The group hit it of and eventually Mitch and Jerome were invited to join Team Crafted in mid-2013. He came up with the idea to kick SetoSorcerer out of Team Crafted, a fact that made many fans unsubscribe.

Types of videos

On his channel he has Minigames, Hunger games and Battledome videos. In the most of his videos he says about his preferences in food and dranks, the internet, tv shows, video games, dubstep and hip-hop including his most known phrase slap dat like button withchya forehead!.  His server was called The Fridge that was later combined with PetZaHut 's server called The Hut and now it's called The Nexus.

Also before joining AwesomeSauceFilms he had a channel that was closed because his parents complained inappropriate content. After AwesomeSauceFilms he was producing videos for Machinima.


Mitch has one younger brother named Connor and two sisters: Kyleigh (the youngest) and Marley (stepsister). He has family members in Kansas, Arkansas and Pennsylvania including 7 young cousins (Sara, Ryan and others) and his family in PA.


  • Mitch is not gay, he said that he actually enjoys ladies, although at one point he revealed this on Twitter along with Sky who also revealed that he was bisexual.
  • He is 6 days older then Jerome
  • In the Power Squad, he is The Duke of Power Moves.
  • He once lived with TBNR FragsWoofless and NoochM.
  • There are lots of fakes pretending they are Mitch especially on
  • He calls his diamond axes by the name Betty.
  • He calls iron swords ''George''.
  • He occasionally calls diamond swords ''Big Bertha''.
  • He calls the chestplate "boobplate".
  • He calls the LapisLazuli ''Poop''.
  • He calls the cocoa beans ''Deer Poop''.
  • He calls chainmails ''Sexy Lingerie''.
  • He calls ink sacs ''Blooper Sac''.
  • He thinks of the cooked fish being a vile creature.
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