Some members of the Sky Army have Alternate Personalities, which means they act like another character instead of themselves.

  • The Klüb Ice Members are a group of alternate personalities that team crafted to when they play Cops and Robbers: Klüb Ice.
  • xRpMx13 is famous for acting like Morgan Freeman, (or Warden Freeman in Cops And Robbers episodes) a famous actor.
  • Derp Ssundee is an alternate personality that Ssundee has, and uses it in the intro of his videos.
  • Munching Brotato has a different personality entirely called "Janet" or "Auntie Janet", Janet does many things that most people would not expect an older Auntie to do.The way he talks is gruff when doing her voice, and her personality includes being a whore, smoking various things, having children (whom she often abuses and beats), living in New Jersey, and having an old lady appearance with gray hair, wrinkled skin, and wearing a pink dress (or nightgown). Janet originated from a "Drama" AKA acting class that Tyler once took.

Few-Used Alternate Personalities

  • Huskymudkipz acted once like Glados from Portal once in a Cops And Robbers Episode with Sky.
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