Ethan minecraft skin-4876749

Ethan's skin.

5m, or his real name Ethan, was a large part of Sky's early channel. Ethan never had a channel to coincide, he just played with Sky. Ethan also never bought a microphone for unknown reasons, leaving him with the inability to speak to Sky or anyone else he was playing with. This lead to Sky constantly making the joke, "Dangit Ethan your screaming so loud! I can't hear anything!" Ethan is best known for his appearances in the Lava Survival Island series and the Project Cronos adventure map . On October 16th, 2012 the next episode of a survival games series came out, where Ethan usually co-hosted alongside Dawn and with a special guest. However, Sky announced Ethan had gone into the navy, and introduced the new co-host of the series, Deadlox . Since the Ethan has not been seen on Sky's channel, and Sky has not mentioned him since. It is interesting to note in a more recent video, Jerome suddenly stopped talking and Sky started yelled at him for being so loud, referencing Ethan.


Ethan left gaming in 2012 to serve the U.S. army. But he seemingly returned from the military as shown through his new Yt with his friend Ddeathreaper called FlexaCraft. But this might be a hoax as they could have edited his name plate and Sky has yet to confirm Ethan returning from the military.

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